How to Get 2014’s Hottest Home Decor Looks

painted furniture



With 2014 well under way, a handful of home decor trends are rising to the surface. While many trends come and go, leaving homes looking outdated in their wake, this year’s crop of fads emphasize classic styles that will stand the test of time. With a focus on reusing existing products and natural accents, this year’s hottest looks are perfect for DIY projects.


Raw Wood

The natural look of raw wood is an ideal fit for rustic homes and offers the perfect counterpoint to modern, industrial, or vintage decorating schemes. Along the same lines as raw wood, reclaimed and barn wood accents are hot this year. Mantels and wall shelves are an excellent way to interject a bit of this trend, while furniture pieces such as dining or coffee tables create a strong earthy presence. For those who really want to embrace the look, Bob Vila has a roundup of five ways to install wood plank walls to create a strong focal point. Decorating with wood accents lends itself well to DIY projects, and architectural salvage stores are an excellent source of inspiration and supplies. Spending a few moments on Pinterest will reveal dozens of projects, especially ones using wood pallets, for adding this look to your home. Get started with free plans for simple shelves from Ana White.


painted dresser shabby chicPainted Furniture

The trend of colorful, painted furniture might seem like a sharp contrast to the raw wood trend, but, as this photo from our Facebook page shows, the two actually pair together beautifully. Highly varnished, honey-colored wood furniture is out and brilliant white, mint, turquoise, yellow and black pieces have taken its place. This is another trend that speaks to DIYers who can look past outdated finishes and tacky accents on older furniture. As we discussed on our blog last year, scouting yard sales, thrift stores, and Craigslist can turn up solid wood pieces that just need a coat of paint to give them new life. Once you have your treasure, follow HGTV’s instructions to clean, sand, and paint the piece.


Painted Front Doors

The trend of whimsical paint colors isn’t limited to the interior. A brightly painted front door adds instant curb appeal and is a fun way to welcome guests. Best of all, this is a quick and easy project that most homeowners can tackle on a weekend. Follow Better Homes & Garden instructions to remove the door from its hinges and then tape off windows. Next, scrub and sand the door before applying primer. Once the primer is dry, start applying paint in the center of the door and work outwards. The finished project will wake up the cliche look of your home’s exterior.


nailhead furnitureNailhead Trim

Nailhead trim on upholstered furniture is a classic style that is having a fresh moment. While you don’t want to invest a great deal in most trends that come and go, this one is timeless enough to be worth picking up a high-quality armchair or headboard. If you still aren’t sure you want to commit, Country Living demonstrates how to add nailhead accents to an existing chair. To bring the look into the bedroom, follow Centsational Style’s tutorial to create an upholstered headboard from scratch using plywood, batting, fabric, and trim.


When designing your home’s interior, what you love is much more important than what is in style. However, with so many of this year’s trends lending themselves to reusing and recreating, it’s a great time to pull out the paint brush and tape measure. Embracing these hot styles will give your home classic accents that won’t look outdated next season.


What trend do you love?

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