The Power of Curb Appeal: There’s an App for That!

DIY renovations



Selling your home can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to making necessary repairs and changes to your home’s appearance. But upping your curb appeal doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, some companies have created apps to make your home remodeling easier. The apps listed here allow you to see what your home would look like with new paint schemes and landscaping, will help with home improvement shopping, and a whole lot more.


DIY Renovations

hammerBefore you hammer the first nail, you will need the Home Improvement Calcs app. The calculators in this app will help you figure out the rise of a staircase, estimate of the length of trim you need to frame your ceiling, and how much mulch will cover the flowerbeds. It also includes planning and organizing features.

Other apps help you get in and out of the hardware store faster. Both Lowes and Home Depot have apps that allow you to shop for the items you need and purchase them before you ever get there. Home remodeling in Nashville just got a little easier. You can get everything you need for your curb appeal project without ever setting foot in the store.


Hiring a Contractor

If do it yourself projects just aren’t your thing, you may want to go with a contractor. However, finding a reliable, skilled contractor you can trust may be easier said than done. The online review site Angie’s List has a free app for paying members. You can search for Nashville contractors and check out reviews from actual customers. That way you can rest assured that you are putting your home in good, capable hands. You can also find plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and every type of service provider you would need.



A little landscaping can go a long way when it comes to your home’s curb appeal. The iScape app allows you to try out different landscaping looks before you spend a hefty chunk of change on a plan that may not be what you expected. Its simple drag and drop features allow you to see how different landscaping designs will look on your lawn and around your house. Upload a photo of your home and let your imagination run wild.



painting your houseA good coat of paint will give your home the appealing oomph you are looking for. Even if you don’t usually do much more than mow the lawn and rake leaves, new paint will breathe life into a tired exterior, giving it a fresh, updated look. If you do one thing to make your home more attractive to home buyers, paint it. The app Paint My Place makes it easy to see different paint schemes on the walls of your home–all you have to do is load a photo of your house and start experimenting with color.

You can use the app to decide on the colors, then hire painters to do the work. You can also use the app to see how your home will look with a pop of color on the front door – a highly recommended strategy to increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Whether you do it yourself or hire someone, increasing your home’s curb appeal will bring the buyers right to your door. You can find more tips on the Better Homes and Gardens website.


What are your home improvement tips?

What’s your favorite curb appeal tip? Do they have an app for that? Tell us about it! If you add your own tried and true apps to the list above, it makes for easier projects for everyone who reads this post. Plus, when you leave a comment, we always respond, so your thoughts will actually start a conversation. Get us going right now!

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