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You landscape your yard, powerwash and paint your house, and perform every task you can to make sure your home or business looks the best it can. But don’t forget about your deck and fence! Staining and sealing will ensure that outdoor wood looks vibrant and new, and stays in top shape, for as long as possible.

Value Painting provides quality staining and sealing in Nashville and the surrounding areas. We have been in business for 25 years and our contractors have a combined experience of 50 years, so we’re a local sealing and staining company you can trust. If you’re ready for a free estimate, simply call us today at (615) 651-5033 or fill out the red box on the right.


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Deck and Fence Sealing

If you plan to leave the wood of your new deck or fence unprotected from the elements, you might as well skip installing it in the first place. Rain, humidity, mold, sun and other outdoor hazards are constantly attacking your fence or deck and they will deteriorate it quickly, wasting all the money and time you spent on its installation.

By sealing your deck, you can prevent the harsh elements we come to expect in Nashville from wearing down the wood. Your deck and fence will look just as nice years from now as they did on the day you installed it. Sealing protects your investment and keeps your house or business looking its best.


Deck and Fence Staining

Another way to improve and maintain the look of your deck and fence is through staining. Staining creates a more vibrant color in the wood and brings out the natural designs of the wood grain. You can also create different looks with an inexpensive piece of wood; for example, you can make strong and affordable pine look like a more expensive wood, such as cherry or oak, if you add a darker stain.

You then seal the stain to keep it looking that way and to protect the wood. Another option is to use a product that includes a stain and sealant in one, making the process quicker and easier.


Can I Stain and Seal Myself?

Sure, you can go to the local hardware store, pick up some stain and sealant, and perform the job yourself. So why should you hire a professional? Because staining and sealing is more complicated than you might think.

You achieve the best results when you match up specific types of wood with specific types of stain. The wood absorbs the various types of stain differently due to each wood type’s density level. The color and shade of the stain will come out differently depending on the wood you are starting with and its wood grain. A professional will have no trouble matching the right type and shade of stain with the variety of wood.

Similar to stain, there are different types of sealants you can choose, including lacquer or oil. Each type is applied in a different way. The professionals at Value Painting know the difference and are experienced in how to apply each type.

You also might choose to hire a professional for your Nashville staining or sealing job because you don’t have the tools for the job or you simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of it. At Value Painting, we have all the tools and we know the techniques. We will take the hassle from you and finish the job quickly with quality results.


Why Choose Value Painting?

Choose Value Painting because we have over 50 years of experience in painting, sealing and staining in Nashville between our all of our painting contractors. Not only that, but we choose high-quality supplies and we give each project the attention it deserves. We come with no worries because we are insured to $1 million, we guarantee the job for two years and we will leave your home mess-free and in beautiful condition.

Sealing and staining your fence or deck doesn’t have to be hassle. Let Value Painting take care of it for you.

Call us today at (615) 829-9334 or fill out the red box on the right for your free estimate.