Painting Spaces: Remodeling the Bathroom Yourself

painting spaces



Are you bored with your blasé bathroom? Are the sink and counter outdated and the walls a boring color? It’s summer, and a great time of year to give your bathroom a facelift—one that will match your sunny mood.

But how to begin? Remodeling can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a homeowner, but knowing how to begin and plan are key for a smooth project. If you start knocking out walls and busting out sinks before you know what you’ll replace them with—or how much money you have to spend—you could strand you and your family without a toilet or (gasp!) a shower for some time. We don’t want that!


planning and budgetingPlanning and Budgeting

Floor plan. Before you get started, you need a floor plan of the new bathroom. What design styles are you drawn to? Do you like where the bathtub is now, or would it look better against the opposite wall? Looking at current design magazines and websites help you decide what to do with the space you have. Mapping out the end result will also give you a starting point when it’s time to look at cost.

Budget plan. The most important part of any project is the budget—you can’t do anything without materials, and where do you get those? From the home improvement store. Even if you are thrifty and find used bathroom fixtures at places like the Habitat for Humanity ReStore, you still must pay for them, as well as flooring, paint, and plumbing essentials. You can also download smartphone apps that help you measure and calculate costs. And these HGTV tips will help you make the best budget for your needs.


Getting to Work

Demolition. Once you’ve designed your new bathroom and drawn a suitable budget, it’s time to make room for it all. Whether you’re going for a minimal refurbish or a complete overhaul, you probably need to move some things around. Get out your sledgehammer and knock down that toilet partition—or just get out your drill and unscrew the cabinet from the wall. These DIY tips will help you break down the bathroom step by step.

Framing. If you’re gutting the bathroom (removing drywall, insulation, etc.), or adding things like partitions and doorways, then you will need to frame up the walls. Seek out a professional contractor if you don’t have the knowledge yourself.

plumbing and electricalPlumbing and electrical. This part is only necessary when moving the main fixtures around. If you are doing a major rehaul requiring new plumbing and wiring, don’t get in a mess. Contact a professional to get the job done right the first time.

Painting. You’re almost there! When it’s time to paint, you know you’re near the end. Pick colors that will set the mood for your new bathroom—pastels for a soothing feel, bright blues and reds for a vibrant feel, and so on. Check out these ideas for mood wall color ideas.

Flooring. Finally, the last step. Flooring is one of the most fun parts of any room, so take your time choosing it. Do you want an old-fashioned subway tile? A farmhouse wood floor? A fancy laminate? Or do you need something practical that will stand up to heavy use? These floor-selecting tips will make sure you get the right floor covering for your family. And don’t forget—after the floor goes on, so does the trim. Paint your trim to seal it from the water that is guaranteed in a bathroom.


What will your new bathroom look like?

Sure you can hire a contractor to do all this stuff, but where’s the fun in that? Getting down on your knees in your own home keeps you aware of how well your home is standing up to the wear and tear of your family—and you’ll always know what places need the most cleaning!

What will your bathroom remodel look like? Have you already done one and learned some things? Share them with us! By leaving a comment, you open the conversation. With a DIY bathroom remodel, we can never hear enough tips!

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