Checking Into it: An Indepth Look at Your Painters Insurance Policy


So you have decided to go ahead and get your projected painted.

You have been saving for some time and finally have the money to go ahead and get it done. The time has come to choose a painter that you feel can handle the job not just with skill but with professionalism. While there are many different ways to screen a painting contractor or company, here’s one you may not have thought of, and more importantly, they won’t have thought to cover up.

You can learn a lot about a painter by the insurance they have for their business.


The Key Parts of a Painters Insurance Policy

You can learn a lot from just looking at the documents that insure a painter. A truly successful and professional painting company will have a policy that protects them. You can use this fact to help discern which painting company is best for you.

  • The very first thing that you will want to look at is the expiration date of the policy. Ask yourself, “Will the painter be finished before the policy expires?” Also look to see that the policy is current. If the policy has expired it may be an indicator of many things, including that they do not pay attention to detail.
  • Take a glance at the coverage limits that are on the policy. Most business owner policies will have a minimum amount of coverage that can be purchased. A solid policy will have at least a million in coverage for liability and a top amount of nearly 2 million. The liability aspect of the policy keeps the painter from having to pay a court judgment against him because of liable actions. Most professional painting contractors are going to have this.
  • Look at which company has written the policy. Ask yourself, “Is this a company that I am familiar with?” The important thing to look at is the rating of the company. Insurance companies have ratings that help consumers know if the company is solid and secure. Go to or to look into what the company’s rating is set at.
  • The policy should also have some kind of medical coverage in case the painter is injured on the job. Medical benefits pay for immediate treatment in case there are injuries that need immediate medical attention.
  • Finally, you will want to check to see that the policy has been signed by the insurance companies representative. If there is not a signature showing that it is in force, then there is a chance that it is no longer active.

According to the number of construction permits in the area is up 32 percent. With so many projects taking place and so many painting companies in high demand, it’s harder to find a quality company to take on your project because they’re all busy. That’s when substandard painting companies can creep up and that’s what you’re trying to protect yourself from.

It is important to get make sure you’re getting a top painter that is reliable and fully insured. A painter that is not insured may not be the best painter for your job AND puts your family at risk of having to pay for damages or injury while he is on the job. A little research into the painter can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

We really want to hear about your experiences with your painter. Take a few minutes and tell us your story. Let us know what factors played an important role into your selection of the painter you used for your project. Your interaction can help people choose the right painter for their job.

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