Redecorating on a Budget: Refinishing Garage Sale Steals



New furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Many bargain hunters and garage sale enthusiasts may be surprised to find out just how much a new coat of paint can help an old item of furniture shine. Not only are there great deals throughout many neighborhoods, the internet has made it very easy to locate cheap furniture through the use of online classifieds. You can easily locate garage sales in the Nashville area through sites like Nashville’s Craigslist, – Nashville, or – Nashville. There are even apps like Yard Sale Treasure Map that you can use on your mobile device (they have a desktop version too).

When it comes down to the items,we all know yard sales are a great place to pick up items on the cheap. Many yard sales even feature completely free items that can be picked up immediately. Many owners don’t realize the value of their furniture and will throw it away or sell it cheaply simply because of some scratches or issues with the polish.


Selecting the Right Furniture

The best types of furniture to refinish are solid wood, so those who want to craft their own furniture masterpieces should make sure that they verify the material the furniture is made. Solid wood furniture is extremely easy to refinish, and most projects will only take a few hours of labor. Other types of materials may take longer and may not look as good, it really just depends on the material and the care you take with the furniture. If you want a great looking piece of furniture with relatively minimal labor, solid wood is the way to go.


Choices, Choices

Painting and refinishing furniture takes patience, and every step needs to be completed conscientiously so that the final product will look as good as new. Refinishing furniture begins with deciding whether to stain the furniture or to paint it. Painting can impart vibrant colors to a piece of furniture for a modern look that pulls a room together, but many people prefer the classic look of stained wood grain. If the wood grain of a piece is particularly nice, you might want to consider staining it rather than painting over it completely.


Beginning the Refinishing Process

The process of refinishing begins with carefully sanding down the current finish. The current finish needs to be sanded down until it is dull and no longer shiny. Any imperfections in the surface, such as dents, should be filled in with a wood filler. The wood filler should be allowed to dry completely and should be sanded smooth before painting or staining begins.

If the item is going to be painted then a primer can be applied or a paint that already includes primer can be used. While there are exceptions, a better result is usually achieved by using a separate primer when it comes to furniture. The primer should be allowed to dry completely. It is a good idea to place furniture in an area that is not often used, such as a garage, so that it is not disturbed. It should also be kept in a dust-free area because dust can stick to the surface of the paint and cause imperfections in the finish. Once the primer has fully dried the first coat of paint can be applied. Some paint colors may require only a single coat of paint, others may require several. Regardless, each layer of paint needs to be allowed to dry completely. Staining furniture is done much the same way, with a furniture stain rather than paint.


Additional Concerns

Heavy objects should not be placed on the furniture for a few days, even after the paint has fully dried. The paint must be allowed to fully cure before the item of furniture enters use because otherwise dents might be made in the surface.


What Do You Think?

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