Insider Tips: Real Questions To Ask When Hiring A Paint Company



It can be difficult to know which Nashville company to hire to paint your home or business. We let you in on a few secrets of the trade by giving you seven key questions to ask paint companies. Shhh, don’t tell anyone!


1.) What services do you offer?

Researching companies and obtaining estimates is time consuming. You can save yourself time in the long run by choosing a company that can meet your present and future needs. Today, you might be interested in interior painting. Later, you might need exterior painting, or your deck will need staining and sealing. When you develop a relationship with a paint company in Nashville, this saves you from having to do the research before every project.


2.) What brands of paint do you use?

The finished look and durability of your project relies heavily on the quality of paint used. Paint contains two basic types of components: pigments and binders. High quality paints use prime pigments, that produce superior color, instead of extender pigments that are used to create bulk at low cost. High quality binders form a strong bond with surfaces and prevent paint from peeling over time. A good paint company will be able to explain the types of paint they use. You should choose a company that uses premium brands such as Sherwin-Williams and Porter Paints.


3.) Who will be painting my home?

When you hire a paint company you are inviting them into your home or business. The person you initially speak to may seem pleasant and professional. However, they probably aren’t the person who actually does the painting. Find out how the painters are screened and what qualifications they have. Before trusting anyone around your family or business, you need to know that they have passed a background check. They should also be licensed and insured. Also ask how employees are trained. They should be up to date on all the latest paint techniques and advancements.


4.) How long will the process take?

High quality paint jobs take time. If a company quotes you a time frame that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. The quality will not be on par for what you were looking for. There are also some companies that will initially give customers a quick turnaround time, only to surprise you with a longer time frame later. Either scenario is undesirable. First, ask how long the process will take. Then, dig deeper by asking what percentage of jobs are completed on time. Get a concrete time frame you can hold them to.


5.) Do you guarantee your work?

Look for a company that guarantees their work for several years. The benefits of a guarantee reach far beyond the obvious. A company that is confident enough to guarantee their work will have the highest commitment to quality and attention to detail. Many companies will advertise the warranty from the paint manufacturer, but a truly excellent company will also guarantee their labor.


6.) What does the price include?

Don’t you hate it when you go into a restaurant to order the taco special only to find out that sour cream and guacamole cost extra? Suddenly your cheap lunch isn’t such a good deal after all. Neither your lunch nor your paint company should come with hidden costs. When you get a quote, ask for the specifics of what is included. Do they move furniture or clean up? Does the quote include all of the materials? Making sure you understand the details so you save yourself the surprise of going over budget later.


7.) How long have you been in business?

If a company has been in business for several decades, it is a good sign that they have built a good reputation within the community. Painting and communication techniques aren’t perfected overnight. An experienced company will have the expertise to complete your job successfully.


7 Questions Now, Thousands Saved Later

Finding the right painting company in Nashville can be difficult. At Value Painting we here this remark from our customers first hand. Make sure that you ask every painting company you come in contact with these simple questions. We call these thousand dollar questions, meaning employing them could save you thousands down the road. Take the time to go through each one with each company you talk to and you will easily separate out the good painting contractors from the bad.

To your painting success!


What Do You Look For?

What do you look for in a professional paint company? What questions have you asked and found helpful? Help out our community here and share them with us in the comments below!

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